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Czech Mix Team

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Calendar 2014

Tato fotogalerie je prázdná.

Czech road women cyclists photographed for the second time for calendar 2014.

14.12.2013 22:55


This  time the calendar was photographed in the city of Opava. The theme for this year is " one day in the life of a woman cyclist" who live and breathe for cycling  and their daily problems and responsibilities. 

The money which they earn from the sales of this calendar will be used to help the women cyclist to participate in races out of Czech, to increase their quality and also to increase the participation of Czech cyclist in foreign races for 2014.

So we appeal the public to buy these calendars to help Czech cyclists and make their dream come true for next year.

You can buy the calendar on web www.mojekolo.cz  or directly through to web Czech mix team.(Ms Irena Berkova) www.czech-mix-team.cz  Fio bank account Czech mix team: Czech Mix Team: Fio: 2400348670/2010 
czechmixteam@email.cz, iberkova@email.cz

The price for this calendar is 300czech crowns / cca 10EUR. if you buy more than 10 pieces 280czech crowns/9EUR. the price is not including postal charges.

Thanks to all the companies which supported the czech road cyclists and czech mix team  and the photo session for the calendar: Specialized, Lapierre, Equinox, cycling T-shirt Sýkora.

Also, thanks to all companies which supported czech mix team: kola Mojžíš, ČEZ group and all media and web cyclist portal (mtbs.cz, cyklonovinky.cz, bikestream.cz, ivelo.cz, Czech Television ect.) 

Media support for calendar: www.roadcycling.cz

In tye last but not the least the Czech cycling federation for their support.

photos and video: Renáta Foltysová (www.renaticefoto.cz)




Who is interested in cyclist jersey of Czech mix Team also can order 

Again through contact like calendar (IBerkova@email.cz) 
( manufacturer SÝKORA sportswer www.cyklodresy.cz)

Price for cycling clothes (dres/T-short) Czech Team 810Czk, - 33EUR

Price for cyclo short Czech mix Team plus postage 890Czk,- 36EUR