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Calendar 2015 of Czech mix Team women for the sale.

08.12.2014 09:57

Calendar 2015 of Czech mix Team women for the sale.

The idea of calendar is to promote Czech Women road cycling and all women which ride the bikes in Czech Republic.

Calendar is not a masterpiece of the most famous photographers and best graphics, but the picture is taken, and done from our heart and with  good ideas to make these Czech competitors to start in international or UCI races abroad and for that is most important your support and the money from the sale will allow us to travel to these races, for that here is calendar of Czech mix Team.

Calendar christened and also supported the Czech cyclist of the UCI ProTour team - TEAM SKY Leopold König and Frantisek Trkal the former cycling professional.

Who wants to support this idea, you can buy a calendar by:






The price is 250Kc,- = 10Euro plus post. price

Thank you very much for support

Best Regards

Czech mix Team


Who is Czech mix Team:

The association started as a support for Women cyclists to take part in international contests.The aim is to give opportunities in competitions worldwide,to attain experience and on the way enrich the tradition of the sport in the Czech Republic. The association is composed of Czech Women cyclists,most of whom compete on a professional level.Several times a year they participate in international events such as Gracia Orlova,Tour de Feminin,Tour de I'Ardeche /France/ and others of a similar class. However,in the framework of Czech Republic,each competitor is able to participate individually ,in other events,under the protection of their own teams. We will be delighted and look forward to your support,either during competitions or by media coverage and interaction.


Photos caledar Tomas Tesar, photos from Frantisek Trkal